Thursday, July 31

Michael Biserta

I've got valid reasons to post this not-so-old photos of Michael Biserta today. Some of you will remember that he was featured here before. As you may know, these photos were taken for a calendar to raise funds for a cause to New York firefighters. Michael is a firefighter in Red Hook, a neighborhood in Brooklyn (unless he decided to quit due to a better modeling career recently). The photos are so classy that they deserve a place in this blog. And one more thing...I found a better and clearer clip of that controversial video from Guys Gone Wild. Check it out! :-)

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And here's the Guys Gone Wild Video Clip

Real Beauties

This is a follow-up to this post. I'll admit my guilt of not including this beautiful chap on that previous post. ;-)

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Nice bush. :-)

Cute Teenage Boy Getting Head From GF

This cute boy definitely enjoys this one. But pity coz the girl won't let him fuck her! Haha!

Wednesday, July 30


I usually prefer darker and hairy guys but Wayne is an exception. He is one smokin' hot straight boy! He must be a familiar face to some of you because he was in Chaosmen's banner for quite sometime. Wayne is definitely one of the hottest male porn models and I think he's too cute and good-looking to be there. See some of his nice shower shots here from He was only 22 when these photos were taken.

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Mystery Model

Can somebody tell me who this model is?

No, seriously.

He's from but non-members of that site can't view profile of their models so you'll have no idea of model's basic info like name, age, height, dick size, blah-blah! This model looks so pristine and he's cute and I'm sure our discriminating viewers would approve.

UPDATE: Ok, mystery solved. According to one of our readers, this model is Matthew Young. Please read comments for more details. :-)

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Cute Teenage Boy

JJ shows his stuff and more of it. Nice clip.

Monday, July 28

Jordan Miller

19-year-old Jordan is a straight English lad who plays loads of football. He says after the game all the lads are checking each other out, discreetly fluffing so they are not the smallest. :-) But I think Jordan has nothing to worry about as his cock is big when soft and just huge at 8.5" when hard! Photos courtesy of

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Real Beauties

I got these photos from one of my favorite blogs, Blood and Custard. These boys represent the real beauty of men - free and uninhibited.

Look at how the shaved-head chap sizes-up the guy next to him. :-)

But I think the real beauty in this group is this young man in the middle.


I can bathe him , cook for him and tide his room if he would allow me. And it's ok if it would make me a total perv! :-)

Japanese Boys

Young and cute Japanese boys showing off their stuff. I think showing male's private parts is still prohibited in Japan that they have to blur some of the dick images a little bit.

Sunday, July 27


Marcelo is a straight 20-year-old Castro from Miami. He has a perfect body with washboard abs and has been a cover boy for the MiamiBoyz website. This handsome Latino is 5'11 and has an 8" uncut meat when hard! He rips his shirt off in this photoshoot revealing his perfectly sculpted smooth chest with those rock hard abs. Photos courtesy of

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Saturday, July 26

Put Your Clothes On!

I love seeing college boys in their natural state...just like this.

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This last one is a bit of a poser...


Staff of MiamiBoyz spotted Julio inside a local mall. He's 19 and no secret about most Cuban boys...he has 8 inches of this dark meat! They asked him if he would be interested in showing off his stuff on the internet...he smiled a shy smile and MiamiBoyz knew that was a "YES"! And it turns out that this straight and 5'11" Castro has quite a lot of "stuff" to show off. So scroll down and see for yourself. :-)

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