Thursday, July 31

Michael Biserta

I've got valid reasons to post this not-so-old photos of Michael Biserta today. Some of you will remember that he was featured here before. As you may know, these photos were taken for a calendar to raise funds for a cause to New York firefighters. Michael is a firefighter in Red Hook, a neighborhood in Brooklyn (unless he decided to quit due to a better modeling career recently). The photos are so classy that they deserve a place in this blog. And one more thing...I found a better and clearer clip of that controversial video from Guys Gone Wild. Check it out! :-)

(Click Photos for Larger Images)

And here's the Guys Gone Wild Video Clip


Anonymous said...

Wow - so the calendar creators wouldn't contract this guy because he'd shown his arse on GGW? I hope mike ends up where people TRULY respect & love him without prudes kissing political arses at the expense of others.
Friends from

blogaboutmen said...

I believe the 2007 calendar was published for the benefit of New York firemen.

Anonymous said...

lmao... he is extremely cute... but i find it funny cuz i talked to a guy online and he sent me pics... stating it was him... they are of this guy!!!! hahahahaa

thanks for sharing.

blogaboutmen said...

Haha! Well, you can wish that it was really Mike. Glad you like the pics. :-)