Sunday, August 31

Dick Trivia

I decided to present another dick trivia for today. Check back on Tuesday to see the bloke who owns this beautiful and delicious cock!

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Saturday, August 30

Answer to Dick Trivia

The answer to yesterday's trivia here is Beto! He owns that monstrous cock we posted yesterday. He is a Latin American from Miami. Photos courtesy of

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Hot Amateur Video

I stumbled upon this hot amateur video from xTube today, I think the hottest amateur vid I've seen in weeks. The fat-dicked English boy is so hot! You'll have a glimpse of his face at the beginning of the first part of the vid. The excitement about amateur videos is the feeling of intrigue and scandalous manner that come with it. This is a 22-minute vid with parts 1 and 2.

Friday, August 29


Do you know that Will is a former Junior Mr. Scotland?

He has recently joined the fire service and this straight hunk loves to show off his body. His upper body is smooth yet he maintains that masculine look of him. His legs are hairy, his ass slightly hairy too and you get to see it very close. Photos courtesy of

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Dick Trivia

To whom this nice uncut cock belongs to? Check back tomorrow for answer. :-)

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Thursday, August 28

Eye Candy

I find it really attractive and manly for boys to keep their body hairs undisturbed, just like our friend here. Chap lovers will definitely enjoy this view.

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Wednesday, August 27

Aussie Boy: Milo

After so much anticipation, I'm finally posting some dick pics of Milo, the Aussie boy from a week's post. For newcomers to BlogAboutMen, we put Milo into vote last week if readers want to see him naked (Yes, sounds lame and corny). Check the previous post here.

I know the photo quality is not so good as these were stills from a jack-off video he have made for and these are all they could provide to us. But enjoy it anyway, you could clearly see his big balls and the length of his dick in these photos.

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Monday, August 25

Audition Monday: Zac

Cute Aussie boy Zac takes a shot at auditioning for This boyish 18-year-old enjoys playing Australian Rules Football and loves to watch funny movies. Like most Aussie boys, he enjoys hanging on the beach and do water skiing.

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Here's a clip of the photoshoot.

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Sunday, August 24

Model Archives: Alexandre Slaviero

Hot actor-model Alexandre Slaviero was born on December 26, 1983 in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. During one of his interviews, he said he practiced judo and capoeira until the age of 13. This hunky Brazilian looks taller than his 5'10" frame and he has this beautiful dark brown eyes.

His first TV success was when he played the character of "Kiko" in Brazil's popular teen show, Malhação. "I can identity a little bit with Kiko, because he values friendship just like I do, and he's very peaceful. But I'm not a player like him. I'm a lot calmer" says Alex of his role about Kiko. I heard he currently appears in the telenovela Duas Caras and will soon play a role in the upcoming film Polaróides Urbanas.

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Alexandre's latest photos.

Footballer Bailey

You might not want to mess up with this tough looking bloke but he can actually be a cute young pup in just a matter of seconds. 23-year-old Bailey Morgan stands 6'1" and he grew up playing sports in his native South Africa. He played loads of rugby and football and he's also a keen surfer. It seems like he can turn his hand to any sport and excel! Check his pics and of course you don't want to miss that 7 incher of him. Photos from

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Saturday, August 23

De Ja Vu

My old uncle Jake sent us some hot images from his site yesterday and I was into de ja vu of having another two hot guys inside my room. I know this post will slightly deviate from the norms of this blog since we rarely post stills of couples doing hardcore action here. But this is more of Aleck's idea which has led to another idea and that I will announce in the next few days. So stay tuned. :-)

Two screen legends - Jude Collin and Michael Von Steel - enjoy a lively fuck fest, jack-off and sucking in this movie. Then my old uncle Jake tried to steal and ruin the scene ;-) by joining the couple and there was so much sucking - something you've never seen in your life. I can't tell you how Jude and Michael disposed of old uncle Jake in the end but this is difinitely a movie with a happy ending. Photos and preview clips courtesy of

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And here's some video clips.

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